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» » RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия
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RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия

Автор: robot318 от 21-08-2011, 14:16
RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия

Компания Red Hat официально начала поставки новой версии 6.1 своего флагманского дистрибутива промышленного уровня – Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Спустя всего полгода после выхода первой в этой серии версии 6.0 новая промышленная Linux-платформа предлагает заказчикам новое ядро 2.6.32, 314 обновленных и 49 новых пакетов в комплекте поставки.

Основные изменения:
On May 19th, Red Hat released the first service pack since the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. As with every service pack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 consolidates all patches and security updates since the introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, while maintaining application compatibility, ISV and IHV support.

The established performance leader as both a virtual machine guest and hypervisor host, we already set another new SpecVirt record in multi-core scaling with RHEL6.1 due to lower latencies in networking and I/O.

Many customers moved immediately to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for the latest in filesystem performance and options. This update updates our advanced networking storage offerings. FCoE, Data Center Briding and iSCSI offload allow networked storage to deliver the quality of service required.

Keeping pace with the latest hardware innovations, we worked with Intel to support the latest hot-plug processors and memory – as well as the latest NUMA architectures and PCI express 3.0.

Developers can now process memory with Valgrind improvements and learn even more about running processes with SystemTap. These enhancements have been integrated into the Eclipse IDE for a unified development experience.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports the entire data center architecture and major infrastructure projects like:

* Moving to IPv6 is easier with optimized networking, firewall and DHCP/DNS services.
* Intelligent application consolidation using Control Groups functionality for resource control of applications and virtual machines.
* Managing application uptime using transparent proxy or High-availability Add-Ons, that can fail-over applications, services or virtual machines.
* Tracking Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments and subscriptions by using the new Subscription Manager, currently only available with 6.1 and for use with RHN
* Planning user authentication and authorization with LDAP, kerberos, AD integration or Red Hat Enterprise Identity (IPA) services, now in Tech Preview

Системные требования:
-OS: Linux
-CPU: 1Gh
-VIDEO: Vesa
-RAM: 256Mb
-HDD: 5Gb

1. Прожечь образы на минимальной скорости
2. Загрузиться с созданного диска
3. Следовать указаниям мастера установки

Полный перечень:

• East Asian Languages - Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese and Korean.
• European Languages - French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.
• Indic Languages - Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sinhalese, Tamil and Telugu

RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия

RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия

Название: RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1
Год выхода: 2011
Разработчик: RedHat Inc
Платформа: x86, x86_64
Язык интерфейса: английский, русский
Размер: 10.84 Gb
Хэш релиза c8a6d9a81705ca236b7c1bbcf6ce4270027b8822

Скачать RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1 (2011) Многоязычная версия

Теги: RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 6.1

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