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» » Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012)
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Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012)

Автор: robot318 от 31-05-2012, 18:48
Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012)

Это издание включает в себя множество новых утилит, многие из них были обновлены и выборе меню были улучшены. Тем не менее, размер значительно снизился, так что он может поместиться на 2 Gb USB карты памяти Flash.

Hiren Boot CD является обширной коллекцией загрузочных и портативных утилит для управления, диагностики и ремонта компьютерных проблем, восстанавления потерянных или удаленных файлов или взлому пароля. Кроме того, Hiren Boot CD предоставляет средства взятия на себя управление любым компьютером и общения с другими компьютерами, интернетом, писать документы или программы, не загружая операционную систему.

For example Norton Ghost can be started in three ways:

Boot the CD, select "Dos Programs" and then "Norton Ghost".
(useful if we wish to clone or restore the main hard disk
and there is not enough memory to boot Mini Windows XP).

Boot the CD, select "Mini Windows XP" and then select Ghost
from the HBCD Program Launcher menu.

Boot to your windows operating system, insert the CD and
select Ghost from the HBCD Program Launcher menu.

Acronis similarly:

Can be booted from HBCD Dos menu.
Can be Booted directly from main menu.
Run from Mini XP or Mini windows 7.
Run from installed Windows XP/Vista/7.

This Restored DVD includes all the utilities found in the latest Hiren's Boot CD 15.1 (December 2011). [1] Many utilities have been updated because it is 6 months since the last HBCD release. It is called Restored because it contains all the commercial utilities omitted from the official releases (since version 11.0.)It also includes other tools such by Acronis, Paragon, Active, and other useful software fully integrated within Hiren's menus. In addition it now includes the option to add tools such as Backtrack or Geek Squad's MRI (Detailed instructions included).

Below are listed only the additional programmes and utilities found in this DVD. The numbers in square brackets [] are referring to the URLs listed at the bottom of this file. For the complete list of utilities in the official Hiren's Boot CD, read the files HBCD.txt and changes.txt, or visit [1].

Restored DOS Menu utilities

These are found within the HBCD DOS menu. These utilities were included in the official but were left out since HBCD version 11.

Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.0 (build 17437)
Acronis Disk Director 11.0 Advanced (build 12077)
Acronis True Image 2012 (build 7119)
Active Partition Recovery 3.0
Active Password Changer 3.0.420
Active Undelete 5.5
DiskGenius 3.3.0525 Proffesional
Drive Image 5.6
GetDataBack for FAT/NTFS 4.0
HDD Regenerator 2011
Norton Ghost 11.5.1
Norton PartitionMagic Pro Server 8.05
PC-Check 6.21
Paragon Partition Manager
Paragon Mount Everything 3.0
Synantec ImageCenter 5.6

Self booting utilities

Acronis [4]
-- Backup & Recovery 11.0 (build 17437)
-- Disk Director 11.0 Advanced (build 12077)
-- True Image 2012 (build 7119)
Active Boot Disk 5.5.2 [6]
BootIt Bare Metal 1.07 [12]
Clonzilla 1.2.12-37 [13]
DiskGenius 3.3.0525 Proffesional
Eassos PartitionGuru 3.8.0 [14]
GParted 0.12.1
Hardware Detection Tool 0.5.0.
Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Updated 20-05-2012 [5]
Macrium Reflect Professional 64 bit 5.0 4354
Mini Windows 7 (Improved and Updated Drivers)
OneKey Ghost 6.5
Paragon Partition Manager [8]
Plop Boot Manager 5.0.14 (31.01.2012)
Parted Magic Linux 2012_05_14
QuickTech Pro SB 5.90.00 Hardware diagnostics and stress test. [9]
R-Drive 4.7 (4726)
Spinrite 6

Optional self booting utilities

For the following packages there are menu entries,but you need to download and include the iso images yourself. Detailed instructions are included as to how to do this. Read document 'add-optional-utils.pdf'.

SysRescueCD [2]
A live Linux Gentoo based rescue CD (choice of 32 or 64 bit). It includes
many tools for rescuing and managing Linux and windows systems. Hundreds
of utilities. e.g. Clam antivirus, Gparted, ntfs-3g, wifi access,
syslinux, telnet, ssh, vim, mc, etc., and most important: PXE network booting.
An Ubuntu based Linux live CD for digital forensics and penetration (sic)
testing. It includes many well known security (or hacking) tools, e.g.
Aircrack, Ophcrack, Gerix Wifi Cracker, disassemblers, sniffers, etc., as
well as commonplace applications such as browsers, file managers, editors,
torrent clients, etc.
A privacy oriented linux live CD. It contains everything one needs
(browsers, messaging, e-mail, office, etc.) preconfigured with security in
mind. Tail internet connectivity relies on the Torr anonymity network to
protect privacy. Thus internet connections cannot be traced back. It also
leaves no trace on the computer it uses.
Geek Squad's diagnostics and repair disk it is not free software. I find
it cumbersome and slow whilst not offering anything more than the tools we
already have on HBCD. Some people, however, want to integrate it with

Added to HBCDMenu program launcher

AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.85.1600 [15]
Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.0 (build 17437)
Acronis Disk Director 11.0 Advanced (build 12077)
Acronis True Image 2012 (build 7119)
Active Password changer professional 4.0
Atlantis Word Processor Pro [10]
Avast Antivirus 1.0.3 updatable (updated 07-05-2012)
Avast Registry Editor
Calculator (Micro$oft calc.exe is very good why not have it in MiniXP?)
CardRecovery 5.30.1206 [16]
DSynchronize (Drive/directory synchronizer) 2.30.2
DTaskManager (Powerfull process control) 1.51.
Data Recovery Wizard Pro 5.5.1
GetDataBack NTFS & FAT 4.22
HDClone Professional 13 (10600)
HWiNFO 3.65
Isobuster 2.8.5 (free edition)
MalwareBytes (updatable)
MiniTool Power Data Recovery 6.6
Norton Ghost 11.5.1, Ghost Cast Server, Ghost Image Explorer
Outlook Express Backup 6.5
Eassos PartitionGuru 3.8.0 [14]
Paragon Partition Manager server [8]
Partition Wizard Server edition 7.1
Passware Kit Enterprise 10.3.2585 (Crack any password). [7]
PowerCmd 1.9 [11].
PSPR 6.3.1 (Proactive System Password Recovery) [20]
Raid Reconstructor 4.25 [21]
SkyIAR 0.5 Install ACHI/SATA/IDE controller drivers. [19]
UltraISO Premium [17]
WXHexEditor 0.11 (Hex editor. Can handle Terabyte files/disks). [18]
WinNTSetup 2.2
Install Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/2003/2008 anywhere, fast,
integrate drivers, include customizations.
WinRar 4.01

Important Notes

For keyboards other than English you can still apply Hiren's keyboard patch.
For installation to USB read document 'usb-installation.pdf'.
To extend HBCD by adding tools such as the distro BackTrack,
read document 'add-optional-utils.pdf'.
To reduce the size of the DVD to CD or to fit in a smaller GB USB stick read file 'trim-dvd.txt'
Read document 'install-win-with-hbcd.pdf' for a guide for how to install
windows from USB.
Mini Windows XP and Mini Windows 7 run from RAM. If you start one program
after another you will soon run out of memory. So clean the temp folder
from time to time. A command for this is provided in the Program Launcher.
Mini Windows 7 is somewhat slow to start up because it loads some drivers.
So be patient and give it time. Also it now has the same desktop background
as Mini XP so do not be confused.
The HBCD program launcher and some of the portable utilities are
incompatible with 64 bit Windows 7. Use only within 32 bit installed Windows,
else you can boot Mini Windows from DVD and use them from there.

Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012) Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012) Hiren's Boot DVD 15.1 Restored Edition V 2.0 - Proteus (May 2012)

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 1.8 Gb

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